Testing the pH of your water

The pH test strips have four color pads and are dipped in water and then compared to a color chart to determine the pH of your water. The steps to test the water pH are:
1.    Fill a small container with water (do not use running water).
2.    Take one pH test strip out of packet.
3.    Dip the strip into the water for 2-5 seconds getting all four color pads wet.
4.    Shake the test strip to remove excess water.
5.    Wait for 15 seconds for tap water or 3 minutes for filtered water.
6.    Match the color pads to the color chart below.
7.    The target pH range is 5.5 - 6.5. If the water falls outside of this range please contact us...  ...it is easy to adjust.

If you need any assistance (include a picture of the test strip if possible), call or text 678-653-4060 or email PocketGarden@AquaTerraFarm.com