Bulk Beef (Contact Us)

Regular price $125.00

We offer bulk beef (a share of a cow) in quarter, half, or whole cow. When purchasing beef in bulk, the frozen packages are evenly divided between the shares.

The price ranges from $5.50 to $6.00 per pound for final packaged meat received depending on which share was purchased. A deposit is made to reserve a share with the total price calculated when the processed, packaged beef is received.

The cuts that are included are:

Ground Beef Filet Brisket
Stew Meat New York Strip Steak Chuck Roast
Short Ribs Ribeye Steak Rump Roast
Neck Bone Sirloin Steak Shoulder Roast
Oxtail Sirloin Tip Roast

 Click here to see details on cuts, quantities and costs.

 The typical total weight of processed beef per cow is 250 - 340 lbs. for our animals that are raised naturally, grass-finished and processed at an age of 18-30 months (live weight is typically 800-1000 lbs.).