Toronjina (Cherry) - Seedling

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Beautiful orange cherry tomato with a sweet, tangy and juicy. Gives early production and keeps producing throughout the growing season. Leaf mold-resistant orange cherry. Compact, balanced plant for easier indoor production. High resistance to Fusarium wilt races 1 & 2, leaf molds A-E, and tomato mosaic virus.USDA Certified Organic. This is an indeterminate variety.

All of our seedlings are germinated by us from NON-GMO seeds, come in 4" pots and like all of our products - Georgia Grown in Cleveland, Georgia!!!

Spacing in rows ~6' apart and plant indeterminate varieties 24-36" apart, determinate varieties should be planted 12-24" apart. When planting, remove each plant's lowest leaves and set the root ball in a hole deep enough so that only the top cluster of leaves is above ground. This planting depth is essential for tomato plants, which can form roots along their stems. These extra roots help anchor the plant and allow for better uptake of water and nutrients.