AT Pocket Garden

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AquaTerra (AT) Pocket Garden is a complete, self-contained, vertical hydroponic growing system that lets you grow
an abundance of lettuce in a limited space using proven hydroponics. It comes with everything needed...
  • AT Pocket Garden (GrowMesh® sleeve with internal watering system, reservoir & pump)
  • Seedlings (choose up to 4 types of leaf lettuce from 6 types)
  • 10 Nutrient Packets (makes 10 gallons of nutrient solution)
  • pH strips (to test your water, easy to adjust if needed)
  • Instructions
  • Nutrient Solution Label
  • Free Phone Support supply the light, electricity (plug in the pump) and a place to hang!. Temperature can range from 35-85ºf
(more/less for short periods) and need 8+ hours of good light (sunlight, LED grow- lights, etc.) which can be
cumulative (e.g., in summer hang it in the shade when the sun is up for 14+ hours). Great success has been
found inside and outside... kitchens, basements, pavilions, garages, etc...

... on decks, patios, balconies, etc.

Call us to discuss your environment, 678-653-4060!

Two configurations are available - our regular and our mini:

  • The "AT Pocket Garden" is the "full" option with 16 pockets, xx" tall, weighs a maximum of 25 lbs., and
    comes with ~24 lettuce seedlings (4 types).
  • The "AT Pocket Garden Mini" has 8 pockets, weighs a maximum of 20 lbs., and comes with ~12 lettuce
    seedlings (4 types).

Lettuce choices - choose up to 4 (We will call to confirm timing & lettuce choices):

Summer Crisp


Red Oakleaf

Red Butterhead

Red Sweet Crisp

Green Sweet Crisp


pH Diagram

AquaTerra Pocket Garden Instructions